Project Name


Funding Agency

National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK)

Funding Period

November 2017 – June 2022


Dr. Laura Siminoff, PhD.
Dr. Heather Gardiner, PhD.

Research Partners

Filipino Executive Council – Philadelphia, PA
Indochinese American Council – Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corp.– Philadelphia, PA
Donate Life America
Motif Motion

Main question this project tries to answer

What are the factors that affect organ donation from Asian American families and how can we develop culturally appropriate interventions to increased donor designation for deceased donation and consideration of living donation?


The need for organ donation continues to grow and Asian Americans currently have low levels of enthusiasm for organ donation, but a high need for organs compared to other races. Furthermore, there is little
available research on organ donation among Asian Americans to better understand the
attitudinal barriers for the dearth in organ donation and the need for actionable and much needed interventions.

Methods used

Surveys, focus groups, qualitative analysis

Results, in 2 sentences or less

This project revealed that AAs generally have positive views and previous exposure to organ donation. However, myths about the healthcare system, personal religious beliefs, and the role of family in medical decision making have contributed to the under-representation of AAs as organ donors.

Actions taken from the results

Developed and released an animation promoting positive attitudes towards organ donation on online platforms like FB, IG, and YT. Our animation was informed using our national survey results and CAB feedback.

Resulting papers

Family First: Asian Americans’ Attitudes and Behaviors Toward Deceased Organ Donation

Contact person and email

Gerard Alolod- gpalolod@temple.edu
Kofi Addo- kofi.addo@temple.edu