Ryan Blunt

Data Manager/Analyst

Joined October 2014


MPH Applied Biostatistics, Temple University; BA Political Science, Virginia Commonwealth University


Ryan performs statistical programming, data management, and analysis for the lab.


Murphy HM, McGinnis S, Blunt R, Stokdyk J, Wu J, Cagle A, Denno DM, Spencer S, Firnstahl A, and Borchardt M. Septic Systems and Rainfall Influence Human Fecal Marker and Indicator Organism Occurrence in Private Wells in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Environmental Science & Technology. 2020, 54(6), 3159-3168. DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.9b05405 Yuen E, Thomson M, Blunt R, Gardiner H. The impact of diabetes knowledge, self-efficacy, empowerment, and family support on self-management of diabetes. Poster: International Conference on Communication in Healthcare; September 9, 2017; Baltimore, MD. Murphy HM, Wu J, Spencer S, Firnstahl A, Stokdyk J, Borchardt M, Blunt R. Could Septic Systems be the Source of Human Fecal Markers in Private Wells in Rural Pennsylvania? Presented at PA Groundwater Symposium, 2017.